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Dog Groom​​ing

In the Dog house is now offering Grooming Services for Dogs. It is our belief that to groom a dog, you must LOVE dogs. Loving dogs mea​ns bein​g patient, accepting and giving kisses, providing a calm and friendly environment, and most importantly making each grooming experience positive for the dog.


If your pup is having a bad hair day,  give us a call. Grooming includes wash, dry, brushing, basic trim and nail clip.  Due to the various needs of each dog, prices are available upon booking. Give us a call and we would be happy to set up an appointment based on availability.

Standard Grooming Prices

Prices are subject to change based on your dogs needs (excessive matting, full hair cut, etc)

Small Dog (under 15 pounds)



Medium Dogs (15-45 pounds)



Large Dogs (45 pounds ++)


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